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United against human trafficking

Yoga Stops Traffick is an annual campaign uniting yoga practitioners across the globe to take a stand against human trafficking. People can take part by running or attending donation based yoga classes, in person or online. We also ask people to organise their own community events or support us by signing up as a regular donor. The funds raised support Odanadi Seva Trust, a pioneering anti-trafficking organisation based in Mysore, South India. Odanadi works for the rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration of trafficked women and children. For more than 30 years Odanadi has been committed to providing a safe haven for survivors of human trafficking, sexual exploitation, slavery and domestic abuse.


Aikyams fight against human trafficking

The visionary behind Aikyam Collective - Heemali, is of Indian heritage so 'Yoga Stops Traffick' is a campaign that she is very passionate about. This year TEAM AC are offering 3x online yoga sessions for you all to enjoy. We just ask that you make an honest donation HERE before accessing the classes. Please give as much or as little as you can afford, we appreciate the current financial climate, but every little helps so that we can tackle this awful business together.


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